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Ford F150 Evaporator and Heater Core Replacement

To best solve this truck's AC concerns, the evaporator core needed to be replaced. In many vehicles, like this one, the evaporator and heater cores are located inside the passenger compartment buried deep behind the instrument panel.  Removing a dash to replace the necessary components, then reassembling the dash and all it's attaching pieces takes skill, patience and finesse.  To read more about our ASE certified mechanics, click here. Check out the pictures below for a series showing the repair in process. 

A heater core in a vehicle transfers heat from the engine to the cabin, but the A/C evaporator works in a reverse manner. It transfers warm air out of the vehicle and then cools it down sending it back through the cabin. There are similarities in the two components and each needs a series of heating and cooling elements to work properly.  

What Does an Engine Replacement Really Look Like?

With ASE Certified master mechanics on staff at all times, we have the experience to diagnose even the toughest problems quickly that many new car dealerships struggle with.  This particular engine had a severe mechanical failures resulting in a few of the internal components failing and trying to come through the side of the engine block!  We took picture of the actual hole caused by this.  With the engine frozen or "locked up" due to the failure it did add some difficulty to the removal process, but that was not an issue for our team.  You can call on our expert technicians when you need anything from a simple oil change, to brake repairs, transmission service, wheel alignments or engine diagnostics.  We do it all!

Performing an engine replacement might be daunting for some mechanics, but not our ASE certified honest mechanics! Here you can see some in progress pictures of an engine replacement. It is a job where a mechanic must become one with machine!

There are other auto repair shops around our area that have ASE certified mechanics, but we take it one step further. Our auto shop is recognized with the ASE Blue Seal Of Excellence! What does this mean for you? Simple. This means we deliver quality service and repairs EVERY time, and you never have to wonder about the skill or focus of the person working on your vehicle.



When Engine Performance Problems Go Beyond Check Engine Light Diagnostic Equipment In Buford GA

Engine diagnostics takes special tools, skill and diagnostic strategy. There is so much that can go wrong to cause car problems. Weather, rust, corrosion and even critters like rodents can cause a whole host of drive ability problems that no computer will detect. As temperatures are drop your car may be susceptible to  small rodents trying to stay warm – possibly in your engine compartment!

Your car’s engine can be an inviting place because of warmth, smells, and/or the colorful wiring. Small rodents like mice, squirrels, rats and raccoons are looking for a good nesting place! If they set up housekeeping, rodents will make a mess and can create havoc with your vehicle’s electrical system.

Cars that are not driven frequently or are parked outside can be a particular target, but even cars that are driven frequently can have problems. In particular, food or crumbs in the passenger compartment will attract mice. Be proactive… throw away trash, and vacuum up crumbs in your car. Also, be sure your dog or cat food and bird seed is kept in closed containers in your garage, so that you are not inviting rodents inside.

That’s when we have to rely on our many years of training and experience to diagnose the problem. Good old fashioned detective work is still a major part of how we perform many auto repairs.

Rodent Damage is very common in the Buford area, especially for vehicles that are left to sit for long periods of time without being moved. We’ve seen mice, squirrels, chipmunks and even ground hogs set up home in your engine of passenger compartment looking for a cozy place out of the weather and securely away from predators.

Electrical Wiring Tastes Good

One sure sign of a rodent or mouse infestation is missing or chewed insulation from the bottom of your hood. Rodents love nice soft material to build a nest with, and the insulation from under your hood and dashboard are prime bedding for them.

Another sign is finding seeds or nuts stored under the hood. They may look harmless at first, but left unchecked can turn into infestation of multiple families chewing on your valuable vehicle. Mice and chipmunks like to store food in safe areas to eat later and that means they plan on spending some time there

Rodents are busy and very destructive as they have to constantly chew on things to keep their teeth from getting too long. Your cars wiring and electrical system are prime targets for these vandals and can cause thousands of dollars of damage if left unchecked. 

To deter rodents, you can also wedge moth balls or dryer softener sheets around the engine compartment. Or you could use one of the small ultrasonic devices that are available for keeping rodents at bay. One more option is a product called “Rodent Tape” that can be placed around various electrical harnesses in your engine bay and will repel the varmints with it’s “peppery” taste.

Your Car Can’t Breathe

Another concern we have about rodent infestation in your vehicle is the fact that they love to build their nests in your air filter box that starve your engine of air, not allowing it to breathe. And we also find their nests in fresh air vents and cabin air filter boxes that feed you and your families air that you breathe. The problem with this is mice tend to use their nesting areas as their toilets, unknowingly exposing you to rodent feces and urine when you turn on your heater or air conditioner.

If you find any of these signs, address it quickly by bringing your vehicle in for a check up to make sure they haven’t caused you any damage. It’s always cheaper to ward off a problem than to have to diagnose and then repair one later. We can also advise you as to how you can prevent future rodent damage as well.

Trust our ASE Certified Mechanics with decades of experience to diagnoseor help you ward off these strange engine performance and check engine light problems in Buford GA.

Handling Water Intrusion Repair to Upholstery

This car owner had a severe water leak from his sunroof that resulted in him taking an unexpected shower one morning on the way to work!  How rude!  When this Camry arrived at Team Ryan Automotive, there was standing water in the entire passenger side floor.  Check out these pictures of the repair process and see below for details on how we were able to save the interior resulting in both a happy car and a happy customer.


Water damage to the interior of your vehicle can be a long term nightmare if ignored, but there are several things that can be done to mitigate these effects if you act quickly.  Because the customer was proactive and did not delay in getting this vehicle in for service, we were able to perform this repair without replacing a single component!  Check out the steps below as they illustrate our process for getting this Camry back on the road without any lingering effects or odors.

Here's what we did to fix this car:

  1. Diagnose and repair the clogged sunroof drain to prevent any further water intrusion.
  2.  Remove all water damaged interior components, in this case both front seats, the rear seat bottom and all of the carpet and padding.
  3.  Completely remove all moisture from the interior of the vehicle using a wet/dry vacuum and fans.
  4. As a precaution, apply disinfectant spray to the areas affected by water. 
  5. Thoroughly clean and dry all of the removed components.  This took almost two full days!
  6. Completely reassemble the vehicle interior.
  7. Verify the repair and ensure all of the interior components are functioning normally.

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Team Ryan Automotive as Business of the Month for February 2017

It was pretty exciting for Vince DeSilva of the Gwinnett Chamber to announce us as winners in front of a crowd of about 80 people at this past Friday's Gwinnett-Networking!   We are just thrilled to be recognized as the Business of the Month!  

honest mechanics win business of the month


You will feel heard and respected at our family run automotive service and repair shop.  We explain the diagnosis of your vehicle in language you can understand while we show you the nature of your service or repair and carefully illustrate our recommendations.  We offer our ASE certified expertise to help empower you to make the best decisions for your vehicle and your budget. 

Team Ryan Automotive are active members of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Buford Business Alliance, NFIB and North Gwinnett Kiwanis.  Our most recent community activity includes a sponsorship and volunteering at the Kiwanis Father Daughter Valentine Dance on February 3rd and 4th.