Why My Brakes Squeal

I recently received a message from a client about “Why my brakes squeal“. Not knowing the brake pads, I would have to say that they are at their end of use. There is a tiny piece of metal that will touch on your rotor alerting the driver that the pads are ready to be replaced.

Have you ever been cruising toward a column of cars waiting at a stoplight and when you apply your brakes are then rewarded with a sound that, like fingernails on a chalkboard? This can raise goosebumps on your neck – and maybe the blood pressure of the driver in front of you. Sound familiar?   

Squealing or squeaking brakes can be annoying, embarrassing and even worrisome. There are many different things that can cause your brakes to squeal. Some causes are not important and won't cause any safety problems at all while others are indicative of major problems that need to be taken care of right away. 

Keep in mind that you might need to take your vehicle out for a test drive to find out when exactly the brake noises occur. Are you encountering squealing brakes when driving, when braking or only in cold weather?

Like everything else automotive, an annoying noise can be one of the first signs that something is wrong, or it might mean nothing is amiss. It's up to you to quickly figure out which. Keep in mind that in most cases, a persistent noise, even after the brakes have warmed up, indicates that a repair is in order. 

Wondering Why My Brakes Squeal?

There are three types of brake pads on the market:

We remove your vehicle's tires to be able to do a complete brake inspection. Providing peace of mind for our customers!

We remove your vehicle's tires to be able to do a complete brake inspection. Providing peace of mind for our customers!

  • Organic Brake Pads: Organic brake pads are cheaply made and not meant to last very long. They are a softer composition brake pad. When you see a lower price on brake pads in a store, these are organic pads and are their loss leader.  Team Ryan Automotive does not carry, recommend or sell these types of brake pads.
  • Semi-Metallic Brake Pads:  Semi-metallic brake pads last longer than organic but typically create that dark brake dust which is evident on your rims. The front tires are usually more heavily coated than the rear, as the front brake pads typically provide the majority of stopping power (roughly 70%). These pads will make more noise than organic brake pads and the driver will hear squealing and grinding. While they provide much more stopping power than organic pads, they are still not as superior as ceramic brake pads. Based on the year of the vehicle being serviced at Team Ryan Automotive, we prefer to use ceramic pads… and here’s why:
  • Ceramic Brake Pads: Will usually leave only a very light color dust when used, versus the dark dust of semi-metallic and will last often twice as long with almost no brake squeal complaints. This reduces the cost of ownership and maintenance while ensuring great stopping power.

If you are hearing a grinding noise or loud squeal when you apply your brakes, it may be time to bring your vehicle in Team Ryan Automotive. Give us a call at 678.765.RYAN (7926)

Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Team Ryan Automotive as Business of the Month for February 2017

It was pretty exciting for Vince DeSilva of the Gwinnett Chamber to announce us as winners in front of a crowd of about 80 people at this past Friday's Gwinnett-Networking!   We are just thrilled to be recognized as the Business of the Month!  

honest mechanics win business of the month


You will feel heard and respected at our family run automotive service and repair shop.  We explain the diagnosis of your vehicle in language you can understand while we show you the nature of your service or repair and carefully illustrate our recommendations.  We offer our ASE certified expertise to help empower you to make the best decisions for your vehicle and your budget. 

Team Ryan Automotive are active members of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Buford Business Alliance, NFIB and North Gwinnett Kiwanis.  Our most recent community activity includes a sponsorship and volunteering at the Kiwanis Father Daughter Valentine Dance on February 3rd and 4th.

Featured in Ratchet and Wrench

“To say that Team Ryan Automotive in Buford, Ga., feels like home is not a stretch. The office portion of the shop is run out of an actual house built in the 1940s. To add to the feeling, the shop was named after the family team of Dan Ryan and his wife, who run the business. The previous tenant, a commercial plumbing company, built the 4,500-square-foot shop space off the back of the house 10 years ago. When owner Dan Ryan saw the building, he knew that it was just what he had been looking for: a space where he could create a more positive outlook for the auto repair industry.”

team ryan featured in ratchet and wrench
  1. The office of Team Ryan Automotive is run out of the living and dining room of the house. “It’s very welcoming, it’s gotten a lot of positive response,” Ryan says. The lobby is home to a pair of big red handled pliers, which Ryan won at a raffle. A green wrench is also on display, which was a gift from a friend.
  2. Ryan and mechanic Joel Neely did a large portion of the work when they moved into the building themselves.  Neely, affectionately referred to as a Jack-of-all-trades by Ryan, created the custom reception desk made of wormy maple wood.
  3. The lobby houses an old, coal-burning fireplace. It doesn’t work, but it adds a homey touch. On the mantle, among other things, is a pewter statue that was given to Ryan by GM when he achieved the title of World Class Technician.
  4. One of the biggest perks of being based out of a house? A full kitchen. Bottled water, coffee, and hot chocolate are available for customers. The employees are able to use the stove and microwave to heat up their meals.
  5. Taking suggestions from his wife, Ryan recognized the importance of making sure the shop is female friendly. This is why they made sure to emphasize the bathrooms. There are two, one for men and one for women. In the women’s room, hooks for purses and a nice mirror create an inviting atmosphere.
  6. Creating a pleasant environment spreads all the way to the shop floor. The floors of the shop were painted to reflect light and keep them looking clean. High efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting was added, keeping the work space bright.
  7. The shop walls are plywood, leftover from the previous owner. When they moved into the building, the plywood did not go up to the ceiling and open studs were visible. Ryan decided to finish the job by installing insulation plywood throughout the whole shop.
  8. Recycling is very important to Team Ryan Automotive. The shop uses a separate dumpster for all of the materials that are able to be recycled. The lobby also has recycling cans. “All of these things are geared at getting away from the negative impact the industry can have on the environment,” Ryan says.