"Luck Favors The Prepared"

One of my favorite new quotes: “Luck favors the prepared”

While it is important to walk in this world with confidence, it is just as important to remain humble enough know there’s still much to learn. The technical training that our team was able to participate in with the Nace Automechanika event this summer was invaluable. The new skills that our technicians brought back around advanced diagnostics as well as the enthusiasm good teachers provide permeated the whole team back at the shop.

Just last weekend Dan and I had the opportunity to attend Ratchet & Wrench Conference and meet other independent shop owners like ourselves. There were several hundred kindred souls with the passion to do right by customers and fix vehicles right the first time. With an industry that has come to be known for not being honest, it was refreshing to be among so many peers committed to being the change that the industry needs.

There is a certain amount of luck to help an entrepreneur succeed. However, I firmly believe that most of that luck has to do with the direction that one point their ship and the effort put forth in moving in the right direction. Education is a lifetime journey.