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Ben Lloyd - October 2018

Knowledgeable and Honest

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Ben!!

Steven Hydo - October 2018

I've used Ryan Automotive twice in the past few months and both times they kept me informed step by step of the whole process. I'm very pleased with this company and will use them again.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Steven!

Dave Sutton - October 2018

Street rods don't come with a manual and my 1939 Chevy Master Deluxe is made from parts literally from Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Buick and Jeep. I had some very tough problems to solve and it had been 2 other quality mechanic shops and the problems were worked around but never solved until Team Ryan had it in their shop. Dan and Travis are great to work with and are just generally nice guys. They listen and work with you. An excellent experience is all they want you to leave with and I can say that I did. Mine was a starting issue. When it was cold, no problem, but when it had been run, even 10 mins, it was sluggish to start. I was literally ready to put in a new motor - probably talking $7-8k after all said and done. Dan talked me out of that route and wanted to do some investigation. Methodically he solved the problem (actually it was multiple items that fixed it. A new motor, by the way, would have had the same problem. The first simple fix was the timing was way off. Next they found that the starter was over heating quickly due to a small air space in the 39 motor area and being close to the header. The starter had previously been replaced so of course I didn't think that was the issue, but Dan wanted to pursue that avenue. He put in a "real" heavy duty starter made more for racing engines, wrapped the header to divert heat and wrapped the new starter also. It worked. They did other work for it replacing the leaking radiator, etc. Thanks Dan for your expertise and I've found the right company for all my vehicles.

Response from the owner - Thanks Dave, cool car for sure! Glad we could get it figured out!

Tonya Williams - October 2018

Team Ryan will definitely receive my business again. Very upfront, friendly, and HONEST. After my SUV broke down right in front of the shop, I contemplated having a tow truck take my vehicle to our regular mechanic. Instead of dealing with that hassle, I decided to let Ryan take a look at it. Although the outcome of the vehicle was not good (transmission), my experience with Team Ryan was very positive. Customer service was superb and although I was dealing with a very pricey repair, Ryan shared with me the pros and cons and was very upfront of what I could expect. He did not recommend I put a ton of money into fixing the transmission. He knew that it was tough situation to think about having to find a new car and allowed me to leave my car at the shop for a few days, no additional charge, until I could figure out what I was going to do next. It was nice to deal with someone who was sympathetic to my situation. I have definitely found a new mechanic and highly recommend Team Ryan!!!

Response from the owner - Hey Tonya, thanks for the awesome review!

Trescha Greenway - October 2018

Would highly recommend. Great service and honest. Thank you for a great experience. Polite and very knowledgeable.

Response from the owner -Thanks for taking the time to give us a review Trescha!

Jenni Orantes - September 2018

Awesome service! Very knowledgeable team that is willing to get the job done and make sure you leave with the best service.

Response from the owner - Thanks Jenni for the review! Glad we could get your brakes straightened out!

David Campbell - September 2018

Excellent service at a reasonable price. Well worth the drive from Alpharetta. If you appreciate honesty and quality work then this is the place.

Response from the owner - Thanks David!

Paula Morgan - August 2018

Team Ryan worked on both our truck and auto. Did oil changes and checked the tires and other items. I was completely impressed. The people working there are both friendly and helpful. Would recommend this auto service to any and all. Have listed them on our neighborhood news blog..
Back again to have the team service my granddaughter's car for travel. They were perfect AGAIN! If you need anything done to your vehicle this is the place. GREAT people who care about your vehicles!

Response from the owner - Thank you so much for the wonderful review Paula!!


Shelly Bloom - August 2018

Honesty, quality and convenience. What more could you ask for? Thank you.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much Shelly!


Steve Robinson - July 2018

Had a brake job that led to some other problems. Dan did not hesitate to say it was on them. He took care of ALL repairs including tow truck fees. There are repair shops that boast perfect service and I appreciate that. However, I appreciate the repair shop that promises quality service and own up if they make a mistake. To me that equates to perfect service Try getting that type of honesty from the repair shop that boasts perfect service.

Response from the owner - Hey Steve, while we strive for perfection it's just not possible 100% of the time. When the rare occasion comes up where we are less than perfect, we are going to be honest and we are going to make it right. I'm glad we were able to get you taken care of and back on the road. Thanks for the nice review!!

Jenni Gault - July 2018

We have used Dan for well over a year now. We have a fleet of company vehicles and occasionally we need to get them repaired and get them back on the road quickly. They do a great job of not having you bring the vehicle in and it just sitting there. When you bring it in they are ready to work on it. I especially like that they look the vehicle over and let you know of any upcoming issues that will need to be handled in the future and a ballpark idea of the cost so you can plan ahead. They are competitively priced and best of all do a great job. I can't remember ever having to bring back a vehicle that was not repair correctly. Thanks for being there for Monumental Equipment!

Response from the owner - Thank you for the rave review! It is our pleasure to take care of your vehicles!!

Mhoire Williams - July 2018

Very fine people and the best service and customer relations!

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for the great review!


The Shitzu - July 2018

Dan is great, very nice and professional. I will definitely use them again. He tries to help his customers out to save them money as much as he can. I will also recommend him to my friends and family.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review! Love the alias! LOL :)


Jack Wolfe - July 2018

I was seeking out a new shop to work on my old 99 Ford F150 with 366,000 miles. I am so glad I found Team Ryan. From the moment I walked in and began to talk to Dan the owner I had a sense I was in the right place. He took time to understand my challenges of not wanting to throw money away. But I wanted him to check it out to either confirm it was time for a new truck or if it could be repaired to pass inspection. He was honest with my risk, so I wanted to move forward. I was told by other shops that my Intake Gasket was leaking and it would cost over 800.00 to repair. One other shop gave me some bogus double talk. Dan told me he would check it out to confirm if in fact the gasket was leaking. He mentioned that there could be other issues giving the error messages and we should check to confirm. Guess what! Dan was right. Not only did my truck get repaired and pass inspection but it turns out the gasket was not the issue. The other shops told me it could be 800.00. My bill was less than 200.00. It passed inspection and runs great so I am hopeful to get at least another year. I told Dan I discoverd three things in the process. I have confirmed 2 shops that I will not be using any longer and 1 Shop I plan using now and in the future. I am so thankful for the other reviews I read that led me to try Team Ryan. I can tell you this for sure. I am telling all my friends if your looking for a great place to get your cars repaired. Look no further. Team Ryan is the right choice. Great shop! Great People!

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this wonderful review Jack!

Jessica Towne - June 2018

Maintenance of my car is a breeze at Team Ryan Automotive!

Response from the owner - Thanks so much Jessica!


Brian Grill - june 2018

Great Experience! The staff found that the issue with my car was covered by the manufacture. They were upfront that I would benefit from taking the car elsewhere. Their honesty saved me hundreds. I appreciate that and plan to use them again. Thanks Team Ryan!

Response from the owner - You're Welcome Brian! Thanks for the GREAT review!

jim kenny - June 2018

Dan the owner of Team Ryan has been a big help to me and my business/personal vehicles. Many times he has saved me money on repairs thru his knowledge and honesty. Thank you Dan - Jim Kenny owner - Finest Kind Development/Erosion Control Plus/Effective Land Use

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review Jim! Glad to be of service!

Kimberle Lawrence - June 2018

Very professional, friendly and reasonable. Will use this service provider again.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the positive review Kim!


David LeBlanc - May 2018

When it comes to car/mechanic services, it's usually a lose/lose situation. Either you pay through the nose to get qualified, trained service, or you take your chances with the grease monkey on the corner and hope for the best. Dan is a professional. Everything they do is first class and I have total confidence in his skill and his advice. You will pay a little more at Team Ryan than with a run-of-the-mill corner garage, but not as much as a dealership, and it will be done right the first time with a smile. Good source of advice too. Highly recommend. I've been a happy customer.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much David! We appreciate the great review!


Christopher Liseo - May 2018

Good reviews for a reason. I've been in the same industry for 15 years however am new to the area so finding a new shop to work with was not easy. The guys here earned their reviews. They price competitively, do timely work, are very transparent, and easy to communicate with. Thanks for the service and my family will continue working with you in the future!

Response from the owner - Thank you so much for the great review!! It is our pleasure to be your shop!

Brian Smith - May 2018

Professional, honest and reasonably priced. Recently had Brake work done and would definitely return. They took their time and explained everything and didn't try pushing services that weren't necessary.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Brian! We greatly appreciate the opportunity to take care of you and your vehicle!


Rajamanikandan Rajagopal - APRIL 2018

I have been looking alternative for dealership service/maintenance for my cars. Finally got it, Team Ryan Automotive (The BEST technicians). Took my vehicle (2012 Honda Odyssey) for Oil change. After fixed it, they had done Multipoint Inspection, and sent the report to mobile with parts photo (current condition, and recommendation). In addition, technicians were explained what parts need to be changed, and the recommended timeframe. Team Ryan Automotive is an alternative for dealership maintenance. You can save money and get best service. 100% recommended.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for the 5 star review! It really makes us happy knowing that we've made you so happy!


Sherri Jarrett - April 2018

Dan Ryan and his staff offer the highest quality service paired with excellent communication during your repair process. I would highly recommend Team Ryan Automotive for honest, thorough, and detailed work on your vehicles. Extremely clean waiting area and bathroom are a bonus!! 😊👍😊

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Sherri! We really appreciate it!! :)


Ariel Palmer - APRIL 2018

Literally the best customer service I have ever received. I have been looking for an honest and reliable mechanic and I FINALLY found them. I have never been more happy with service from a mechanic than this place. They made a lifelong customer with me.

Response from the owner - Happy to be at your service! Thanks for the great review!!


Dan Gallagher - April 2018

I trust Dan with my Bucket List Fleet. Enough said!

Response from the owner - Thanks Dan, you do have quite the fleet and great pic!


robin States - April 2018

Great place great people..!

Response from the owner - Thank you for the 5 star review!!!

Doug Derrer - March 2018

First time using Team Ryan. Clean shop, professional and fair price for brake job. I'll use them again without hesitation.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Doug!


Kyle Chase - March 2018

Friendly, great group of people, excellent customer service, honest, very specific, and top quality work! The best in the local area. These guys are my new go-to for any automotive maintenance and repairs.

Response from the owner -  Thanks Kyle, glad to help keep your truck running!


Debbie Nutty - February 2018

Was looking for an automotive service center after moving here from upstate NY, and found Team Ryan Automotive! I was extremely pleased with the service, the honest assessments, and the reasonable prices. No need to look any further!

Response from the owner - Thanks Debbie!

Dr. Joe Krzemien - February 2018

Great service every time!

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review!

Joachim Boes - February 2018

In search and in need of a good automotive service I found Team Ryan. Right from the beginning in talking to Dan you get the sense of competence, experience and knowledge providing a trust and comfort level that is missing in a lot of automotive repair shops nowadays. The work performed on my vehicle was flawless and I truly left impressed with the repair and the cost consciousness associated with it. Five stars for Team Ryan.

Response from the owner - Thank you for the thoughtful review! We really appreciate it! I'm so glad we were able to give you a 5 star experience!!


Bill Shepard - February 2018

Dan and his crew are outstanding! Team Ryan is a good, honest place providing excellent service at a reasonable price. Having recently moved here from Washington, I was looking for a reputable auto service center .....I found it!!

Response from the owner -  Wonderful! Happy to be of service Bill! Thanks for the great review!


Fred Kempner - January 2018

They fixed my aging Jeep Cherokee expertly and for a very reasonable cost. They were thorough, without running up the bill unnecessarily. Highly recommended.

Response from the owner - Thanks Fred, glad we could get the Cherokee up and running!


Davo Ryan - January 2018

I highly recommend Team Ryan Auto. Dan has great customer service. I brought my 2007 Acura TL to this location for transmission problems that no one could figure out how to correct. Even the dealership couldn't help find a solution. But after a month of diagnosis, his team found a solution and now my car drives like a new car! Thanks again Dan!

Response from the owner -  Hey David, glad to hear the TL is staying problem free. That was an tough one to figure out for sure!


Gary Creel - January 2018

I was looking for a locally owned, professionally operated business instead of the big name guys or car dealerships when I found Team Ryan. Dan Ryan and his team are now my choice for maintaining my vehicles. Dan has a great customer service attitude and an honest, cost effective approach that I trust. I was tired of taking my vehicles to the big name shops and getting expensive, sub-par quality work. Now I have Dan and Team Ryan that is locally owned, honest and a professional team taking great care of me and my vehicles. I recommend you give them an opportunity to show you how great their service really is.

Response from the owner - Happy to be of service Gary! It really makes my day when people 'get' what we are all about! Thank you!


Paul Andrew - January 2018

I took my daughter's car to these folks, they did what was promised and explained everything well. Top notch, super customer service from folks that care.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review Paul!


Frank Clayton - January 2018

There's no other place we take our cars, wouldn't let anyone else work on them. Love team Ryan!

Response from the owner - Thanks so much Frank!


Jason Phillips  - January 2018

Team Ryan is now my one and only choice for anything I need a mechanic for. Dan Ryan has the best customer service attitude and a no nonsense approach that I greatly appreciated. Sharing the future plans for my vehicles and having a mechanic that is upfront and honest makes all the difference in the world. You can take your vehicle to a big name place and get sub-par quality work, or you can take it here to a locally owned, respectfully run and professionally maintained team that will take great care of you and your vehicle.

Response from the owner  - Thanks for the stellar review Jason! We greatly appreciate it :)


Gina Williams - December 2017

Recently went to Team Ryan Automotive to have my brakes fixed. The Ryan's were both very nice and welcoming. Dan was very knowledgeable and took the time to give me a detailed summary of the repairs, costs, options, etc. I never felt like I was being mislead or pressured at all. I felt like they were honest and good people-which is refreshing today! I also got to pet their sweet dog Sophia while I waited-an added bonus. Great shop to take your car.

Response from the owner  - Thanks Gina, Sophia says hi!

Allen Jorgensen - December 2017

From my 1976 Gremlin to my mom's 2013 Honda CRV they take care of it all and communicate all needs prior to moving forward

Response from the owner  - Thanks so much for the great review Allen!!


Tammy Hampton - December 2017

Top notch in all aspects. Once I find a mechanic I can trust, I stick! I think I am stuck, lol. Thanks Team Ryan for the great service. BTW Team Ryan, I am very impressed with your business strategy.

Response from the owner - Thanks Tammy!


NANCY BARTLETT - December 2017

Team Ryan is great! The name is appropriate; they really do work together as a team. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and he listens to what the customer is saying; he doesn't just assume that he knows what the problem is. He doesn't just start changing parts until he hits on the right fix. He & his team diagnosed my cars problems and fixed them. He lets you know if he finds something else that will cause a problem down the road and asks 1st if I want to fix it now. He sends pictures of what other issues he finds. He is very trustworthy, honest and intuitive about cars. I couldn't be more pleased. I will be using them again (and again and again -- our youngest car has 200,000 miles and our older car has 391,000 miles!)

Response from the owner - Thanks so much Nancy! Happy to be of service! Your review has made my day!! :)


Nancy Rexach - December 2017

Excellent place and professional service. Very friendly staff .

Response from the owner - Thanks Nancy!!


Tara Salley - November 2017 

Brought my 2009 Nissan Murano in due to brake issues and had the car back in the same day. The staff is professional and extremely polite. Dan explained everything thoroughly. Thanks Travis Tillman, you are awesome!

Response from the owner -  Thanks for the great review Tara!!


greg stephens - November 2017

I've only used this shop once but I was very impressed friendly staff very thorough and clean and organized

Response from the owner -  Thanks for the 5 star review Greg!


Winston Smith - November 2017

Dan and his staff offer great service and a friendly atmosphere. They are competent and offer a full suite of mechanical services.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for the great review Winston!


Rafael Sonera - November 2017

Team Ryan went far and beyond on performing a thorough check on a nice looking used vehicle I intended to purchase. The inspection of the vehicle revealed significant maintenance needs that were not visible or noticed from just a road test. The vehicle appeared to be very good but based on Team Ryan's thorough inspection and clear explanation of the findings I did not proceed with the purchase. I saved several thousand and a potential major headache.

Response from the owner - Glad we could be of service! Thanks for the great review!!


Mark Davis - November 2017

Great mechanic work and service. I've known Dan even before he started this business and he has 20+ years of mechanic experience and i trust him and his crew. I went and got an oil change the other day and they are amazing with service. I felt welcomed (awesome customer service, total people person) and well informed about my car (they email you info on your cars diagnostics, color coded and with photos of whats under YOUR CARS hood). Definitely my go to for servicing my car.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the awesome review Mark!!


Carlos Rodriguez - November 2017

My dad recently took his vehicle to repair a leaking a/c line into the passenger side area, repairs elsewhere were quoted for 75% to 80% higher. They performed the job in the agreed time frame, at a very reasonable father appreciated their honesty.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review Carlos!


Scott Denham - October 2017

Spoke with Dan and dropped my Buick Lasabre off after work to address problem with the engine skipping. They checked it out fixed it and had it ready the next afternoon. I have found my new auto service center! The total experience was quick and excellent! Thanks Team Ryan:)

Response from the owner -Thanks for the review Scott!!!

Bryan Schacht - October 2017

Very pleased with the service that I received. Brought a 2002 Van in for service that had been sitting for quite some time. Sat with Dan and discussed in depth what I was looking to accomplish with the service. As a result, there was quite a bit work that needed to be performed. Dan and I discussed in detail the importance of each issue in which he prioritized what was most importance to address. At no time was I pressured to do anything more than what was necessary. Grateful to Team Ryan.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Bryan, and glad we could help get your van back on the road!

Steve Maher - October 2017

Dan is very thorough in communicating options,cost and recommendations. I brought in a vehicle of my sons that had 300k miles on it and transmission issues. Dan determined transmission needed replacement or overhaul so I declined to repair it. Dan assisted me with getting the car disposed of so I wouldn't have to tow it again. I would recommend Ryan Automotive for any of your car repairs and maintenance.

Response from the owner -Thanks for the review Steve! Happy to help :)

marcia bumbalough- October 2017

Went to TeamRyan without appointment and asked for oil change. Rec'd a thorough diagnostic along with the requested oil change and suggestions for things needing repair/replacement. Price was higher then I had been used to at a now closed service shop, but attentiveness was major and will return in the near future..........handy and VERY pleasant folks.

Response from the owner -Thanks for the review Marcia!

Gary Nix - October 2017

I have been using Dan and his team for a little over a year now. They are very good at what they do and don't pressure you into repairs that aren't necessary like the big auto dealers do. Very happy with them and highly recommend them.

Response from the owner -Thanks so much Gary! Happy to be of service :)

Steve Waters - September 2017

I had an issue with my 2012 Chevy Duramax. After getting a new battery replaced by another shop, the check engine light came on. Dan had his team confirm the truck was safe to drive. They sorted out the issue Turns out the other shop had shorted the battery to ground during removal of the old one or while installing the new one. Dan's write up of the issue on the service ticket allowed me to make a case with the Big Box store to refund the charges incurred. Thank you Team Ryan!

Response from the owner -Great to hear Steve! Thanks so much for the review!! We really appreciate it!

Lindsay Bowman - August 2017

Thank you Team Ryan for giving me peace of mind. It's great to have a neighborhood shop that I can trust.

Response from the owner -Thanks for the kind words Lindsay Bowman!

Bekah Fisher - August 2017

We were looking for a reliable place to get a $20 oil change - and that is not what we found. Team Ryan isn't cheap (their oil change service is $50-65), but they are good. Very good. Yes, they don't do a basic oil change, but what they do is check brakes, rotate tires, tell you the life you have left in your battery, and check many other things (brake fluid, transmission fluid, carbon buildup, and more) that usually go unchecked until they start giving you problems. With Team Ryan you can stay ahead of repairs with proactive maintenance. We love that they provide you with photos and clear explanations of all pending issues, and that they don't use scare tactics or pressure you to repair anything that doesn't need it yet. They merely give you a clear picture of what to expect next with your car's health.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review! It really is great to hear how much you appreciate what we do!

Mateo Sullivan - August 2017

Team Ryan Automotive was very honest, fair, and professional from the moment I stepped in their office. Dan Ryan, a Master Mechanic, took the time to listen sincerely to the issues I had been experiencing with my truck. Team Ryan also took the time to educate me on my truck, the parts, and how they work. Needless to say, I left my vehicle at Team Ryan Automotive with great confidence that the job will be done right. Team Ryan Automotive was very prompt on informing me about my vehicle throughout the service and completed the service in a timely fashion. I was impressed. I've always heard that if you find a good and honest mechanic you keep them, well, Team Ryan Automotive is just that type of place. Thank you for such professional service. Thank you for not taking a financial advantage of my situation. And most of all, thank you for respecting me and my family. I found my mechanic.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the rave review Mateo! We really appreciate that! Glad to be of service :)


Mike Phelan - June 2017

I took my recently purchased Range Rover in for inspection and oil service. The service was done on time and Dan's explanation was thorough and informative. I will be taking all my vehicles there.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for the great review Mike! Glad we can help!

Andrew Thomas - June 2017

Team Ryan maintains our fleet trucks and personal vehicles. From day one Dan and the team have been reliable and trustworthy. Honest diagnostic and repair strategies along with a top notch crew give me the confidence in making the right choices when it comes to repairs on our aging vehicles or preventative measures on our newer ones. They keep us rolling!

Response from the owner -Thanks for the review Andrew! It is our pleasure!


Sandra Mckee - June 2017

Old restoration car, lots of issues, magic-workers. All smiles here!

Response from the owner - Thank you Sandra! Your review made my day :) - Dan Ryan

Michelle Thomas - June 2017

Great service on our older Volvo S70GLT.Team Ryan was efficient,courteous,and very professional.They pride themselves on a meticulously clean and bright shop complete with first class testing equipment.Our experience was exceptional with Team Ryan and we would highly recommend their services.

Response from the owner - Thank you for a great review Michelle! Glad to be of service to you!


D. B. Moriarty June 2017

Team Ryan did excellent work on my F-150 truck. I had the engine rebuilt and it's running better then ever! Dan worked with me to weigh my various options and the approximate cost of each. My old water pump had failed which in turn caused my original engine to fail. But I'm happy that I decided to rebuild the engine. My truck has always been well maintained and I look forward to many more years with my trusted vehicle. I recommend Team Ryan for your automotive repair needs.

Response from the owner Thanks for the great review!!

Jamie Barnes - May 2017

Great service! You can tell these guys really care about their reputation. I went in for an alignment and tire rotation. I was pleasantly surprised they didn't try to sell me on a bunch of repairs. They simply did The work and told me to call if I needed anything else. The price quote and wait time were on point with what I was told over the phone. I will definitely be back!

Response from the owner - Thanks Jamie! We look forward to seeing you again!

Andy Sunshine - May 2017

These guys are amazing. Friendly, prompt service, immaculately clean shop, knowledgeable staff. They even documented the condition of my vehicle with high quality photos. BEST SERVICE EVER. I highly recommend them.

Response from the owner - Thanks Andy, glad we could help!

Clint Catledge - May 2017

If you are having trouble finding a good, honest, mechanic who really knows automobiles, and how to repair them, without taking you for a ride, look no further. Dan and his team are very efficient and do an amazing job!!! His shop is first class and spotless. A new, and growing operation, Team Ryan can get you back up and running again, in no time!!! Thanks, Dan, for repairing the a/c in my dodge truck, and doing the work in a most timely manner, for a very reasonable price. Your commitment to your customers, and your work is unparalleled!!! Thanks again, Clin

Response from the owner - Thank you so much for the great review! It was our pleasure!

John Edmonson - April 2017

Dan is a real straight-shooter. Check-engine lights are a real cause of anxiety, especially on 18 year old cars; Dan got it checked out, and found it was a really inexpensive problem. He let me know, and was so open and honest about it. The repair was done right, as well. He didn't try to put his kids thru college based on my minor repair! I expect I am a customer for life.

Response from the owner - Thanks John!

Marc Kenney - April 2017

Great job today guys!! Best service anywhere at a fair price!! Also did a thorough inspection for future issues! Being a shade tree mechanic myself, it was nice to know they were spot on with their diagnosis and didn't make up anything!! Thanx again Daniel!! See ya again soon!

Response from the owner - Thanks for the great review Marc! We really appreciate that! Glad we could make you so happy!


Darcie M. - March 2017

Took my 9 year old van to this facility to get a good overview of my van besides just a regular oil change.  They take off the tires and check brakes and even email pictures to you to see when or if they will need to be replaced.  I stopped by and they were busy but asked me to come back in three hours which worked for me.  I was then in and out and appreciate the honesty of telling me this versus making me sit there longer.  Would recommend this place if you are looking for an honest auto repair facility!

Response from the owner - Thanks Darcie! We appreciate your business!

Chip White - March 2017

Smart and caring auto repair shop. Makes quality repairs requested, on time, then goes the next step to suggest things to think about for the next visit. All about keeping the car in top shape! What more could you ask?

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Chip! We really appreciate it!

Matt Gresham - March 2017

Clean and organized shop. Professional and knowledgeable staff and technicians. Friendly and comfortable environment. Definitely one of the best I've seen.

Response from the owner - Thanks Matt!


Randy T. - February 2017

I called Dan with a broken door latch mechanism on my 02 Odyssey's driver door. He was able to get a rush order in, got the part the next morning, and had me back in business the next afternoon. He offered to stay late if necessary to complete the job so I could get my work vehicle back on the road. Above and beyond normal customer service!

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review Randy!



Tanya Cone - February 2017

Very honest, reliable shop. I would definitely recommend Dan and his team. Thanks so much for your help with my Scion.

Response from the owner - Thanks for the review! Our pleasure!


James T - February 2017

Honestly this is the best auto shop I've ever been to. These guys are great & do an awesome job. Great customer service, great owner. Highly Recommended.

Response from the owner - Thank you so much for the review! Glad to be of service!


patrickmknapp77 - February 2017

I called a team Ryan based on their reviews and a see about getting them to help me with a decision to make on a big purchase of a vehicle I was out of state looking into buying. They were extremely polite and best of all the owner was very knowledgeable and explain to me what process he was going to take to look over the vehicle after getting the vehicle to his shop they didn't extensive look over and actually stopped three quarters of the way through and called me. The van had such damage based on Rust that he recommended not purchasing the vehicle. He could have charged me the full price of $220 for the inspection but actually didn't charge me and only charged me $150 because of the time they only spend and afterwards stopping this is what true professionalism is like to experience. If I ever need to get a van or a vehicle in Georgia ever I will make sure team Ryan is the only place to look at it.  I truly appreciate everything they've done and was worth every single penny to get their professional opinion

Response from the owner - Thank you for the kind words Patrick!


Renee K. - January 2017

Troublesome engine light before a trip out of town. What a great group of folks at Team Ryan Automotive! They had a look, ran diagnostics, drove the car several times over 1.5 days to encourage the stall issue, but nothing. They could have easily made a repair and charged $$$ but their ethical business practices left me with a small bill to pay. Its been 6 days and no issues so far. I felt comfortable with the staff and the owner Dan. Thanks so much for speedy service. I will be back when the time comes for service on my Volvo.


Tony Fountain - January 2017

Cleanest mechanic shop and best staff around!

Response from the owner: Thank you Tony!


Donna Laura Duncan - January 2017

Great people, family owned business, they actually take the time to explain the service!!!!


Marcy Lynn Forsyth - January 2017

I work for a dental office is Suwanee Georgia and we've know Dan and Shara for a long time. I've watched Dan progress into a great and honorable man and I feel confident he has extended his great character into his business as well. My dentist has used Team Ryan Automotive and says that he's fantastic. If I need anything in the future, I will not hesitate to use Dan and his company. They've built a wonderful business and deserve the support of everyone who needs automotive work. Stop by and see them, you won't be disappointed!

Response from the owner - Thanks Marcy!

Grant Marshall - January 2017

Top of the line technicians. I came in for an oil change and they warned me about parts that were soon to fail. They are extremely detail oriented and honest.

Response from the owner - Thanks so much for the review Grant! Happy to be of service!

Tracy Davis - January 2017

Been very helpful. Great work, had three vehicles worked on and had no problems from there service. I would recommend you going to Team Ryan for your car needs.

Response from the owner -  Thanks so much for the review Tracy!


Robert Major - January 2017

To all my family and friends. Any automotive work you need to have done go to Ryan Automotive. They have taken care of both my cars doing regular service work plus one of my cars hit a hole in the road. It destroyed the tire and damaged the wheel bearing. No trouble Ryan's team fixed everything with no trouble and saved me many dollars. Just go look at his shop and you will see. Expert Service. Thanks again Ryan for all your help and excellent service

Response from the owner -  Thanks Robert!

Justin Moore - January 2017

Recently visited Team Ryan with some suspension components I was having a hard time with. Dan went above and beyond to ensure everything was installed properly and that I got back on the road that day. Looking forward to visiting Team Ryan for future services!

Response from the owner: Thanks Justin! Happy to help!


Joe Greene - January 2017

Ryan Automotive is the best place to take your auto for repair. Fair pricing, Honest advice, and vehicle repaired in a timely manner. I have already referred several neighbors to the Ryan's.

Response from owner: Thanks for the referrals Joe!

Jeffery Ray Conner - January 2017

Team Ryan gave me the comfortable feeling we all need when going to a mechanic shop done exactly what they promised and reasonable price .. have no problems at all thanx guys

James Wright - December 2016

I called Ryan right when my truck broke down and with no hesitation he told me that he can get it fixed that day. You can't beat that kind of service!!! Very detailed and very professional! I highly recommend using Team Ryan automotive.


Tim Gaskins - December 2016

Team Ryan exceeded all my expectations! They were very professional and fixed numerous problems I had with my Truck. Dan explained everything in detail and kept me informed though the whole process. I highly recommend Dan and Team Ryan for your Automotive repairs. I have finally found a Automotive repair shop I can trust. Thanks Dan and Team Ryan for your honesty and professionalism.

Response from owner: Thanks Tim, glad to be of service!


Safiyya Sharif - December 2016

I recently had a diagnostic and service done on my Toyota Corolla. My experience with Team Ryan Automotive was awesome! I was provided with great information regarding what was needed and my car has been working wonderfully. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and I will definitely be returning for future needs. Thanks again Dan and Shara!

Response from the owner: Our pleasure! Thank you for the review!

Stan Lyons - December 2016

Great service and very personable customer service.

Response from the owner: Thanks Stan!

Mattie Smith - November 2016

We have had our Ford truck and Chevrolet SUV serviced here. Appreciate being able to talk direct to the owner Dan so we have comfort level that we are heard and getting the job done that we paid for. So much better than the stress of dealing with dealership service departments. Very happy with the level of communication and liked the online scheduling. Professional and ultra clean facility.

Response from the owner: Thanks Mattie! It is a pleasure to work on your vehicles!

Nikki Lashley - November 2016

I definitely recommend this place. Very friendly and helpful. I'll never go back to a dealership ever again. They do anything and everything. Very satisfied with the work they do.

Response from the owner: Thanks Nikki! Glad to be of service!

Duffie Dixon - September 2016

Thank you Dan and Shara for fixing the air conditioning on our truck in such a fast and efficient manner. It works better than before and you were a pleasure to do business with. You've got 2 new customers for life!

Response from the owner: Our pleasure! Thanks Duffie!

Josh Egnoski - September 2016

Dan is the MAN! I have a 2007 Yukon Denali that has just hit a wall with regards to things coming to the end of their life cycle, I call my insurance company, they tow it over to him and he gets it fixed up! I actually heard about him through a friend and I am glad he referred him to me. I have his company on speed dial now :) They are a quality shop, doing quality work at a reasonable price... don't let anyone fool you, the cheapest guy is cutting something out, the last thing you want is to risk your life driving down the road and someone cut corners repairing your vehicle and now you spend more $$ or God forbid hospital time due to choosing the wrong company.

Thanks Dan and Team Ryan Automotive!

Response from the owner: Thanks for the great review Josh!

Jamie Palmer - August 2016

This place is great! Live in Marietta but I have drove to Buford for the great service and comparable pricing but most of all I didn't feel like I was getting hustled! Team Ryan has worked on 3 different cars for us and will continue to work on them and maybe more.

Response from the owner: Thanks Jamie!

Josh Egnoski - August 2016

Dan is the MAN! I have a 2007 Yukon Denali that has just hit a wall with regards to things coming to the end of their life cycle, I call my insurance company, they tow it over to him and he gets it fixed up! I actually heard about him ...More

Response from the owner: Thanks for the great review Josh!

Jillian O - August 2016

Very friendly staff! They were extremely helpful in explaining to me exactly what needed to be done and how I can go about it. Had a great experience and I highly recommend them.

Response from the owner: Thanks Jillian! We are glad you had a great experience!


Valerie Ballard - July 2016

I am very pleased with all service I have had done. I have known Dan and Joel for many years, they are very honest and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them because I am always very pleased with the work they do.

Response from the owner: Glad to be of service! Thank you!

Drew Ritzman - June 2016

Friendly service, happy to explain the situation and stay in a budget. Would absolutely use again

Response from the owner: Thanks Drew! Glad to help!


Giovanni Sonera - May 2016

Dan is an excellent customer service specialist underneath being an amazing automobile master. From initial contact to the time of completion, his team showed paramount service. He kept us educated, gave us options and didn't "force" his services on us. Team Ryan is the epitome of what honest auto service is all about. Will be coming again

Ashley Salyers - May 2016

They show support to the youth sports in their community! Thank you so much for your sponsorship!

Kim Jones - May 2016

I am very pleased with Team Ryan. Not only did he give me a full inspection on my vehicle but the most important thing is he was completely honest. He gave us time frames on when things needed to be done and broke up the pricing of the repairs as to the things that are most important.

Response from the owner - Thank you Kim! We are here when you need us!


AC Chan - May 2016

What I really like about Team Ryan is that they have a solid process for finding out the problem with your car. There's no guess work of swapping out parts and hoping it works. They also take the time to explain your options. It's not the "gotta fix it now" scenario that you might experience at other shops. I've taken both my cars there for maintenance and minor services. I've recommended other friends, and they've also become fans!

Response from the owner -  Glad to be of service! 

Thomas Ryan-Lawrence - April 2016

Went here to get some regular maintenance done on our car. Had it priced at the dealership first and was VERY happy with the savings and service offered by Team Ryan! We had all the same work done with all the same parts, and the cost was almost $400 less than at the dealership. Customer service was amazing as well!

Response from the owner - Thanks for the nice review Thomas!

John Schuler - April 2016  

Fixed my daughter's Ford Focus, when no one else could! Great Job. Great Shop. Great mechanic.

Response from the owner -  Glad to be of service! Thanks for the nice review!

Alexis Butler - March 2016

I got minor work done here and was pleased! Ryan was very knowledgeable, quick, and friendly. Will definitely go back when I need more work done.

Response from the owner - Thanks Alexis, glad to be of service!

Carrie Hollins  — March 2016

They are great! Friendly service, definitely will take my car here again! He even stayed late to finish so I wouldn't be late returning my rental. Awesome service!

Brad Puckett February 2016

Terrific experiences. I've had minor work done here and they were great, very easy to work with. So recently when I was having transmission issues with my wife's SUV, he diagnosed the issue and informed me of my options. He helped me through my decision and options sharing his knowledge and professional opinion which I believe help me make the best decision possible. Most repair shops wouldn't have be as honest as Dan, especially since it cost him about $2000 worth of repairs, but it was what was best for his customer! Also My wife picked her car up that day and was very impressed with how nice, clean, and comfortable their office/waiting area was. Very friendly and welcoming putting her at ease anytime she needs to go there. Great service and I will always use Team Ryan for any repairs I need.

Response from the owner - Thank you Brad! I am glad everything worked out with your Acadia. We really focus on talking with and educating our customers to help them make the best decision possible for their individual situations. Both my wife and I are happy to hear the lobby/waiting area was very much appreciated!

Shujauddin Aleemuddin - January 2016

Thank you “Team Ryan Automotive”. My van has had a noisy suspension system for a while. After having spent a lot of money on repair work, the problem had never been completely fixed. So, I was searching for an honest automotive repair team and saw Team Ryan’s great reviews. So, I took my van to them and met Dan. Just after my initial conversation with him, I started to get a very good feeling about his team/business. He is very knowledgeable and explained to me in detail his approach to diagnosing problems. In short, he found the source of the problem and provided some options for repair. It’s been a few days since the repair work was completed and the noise has not returned. So, I feel that I have finally found someone who is honest and knowledgeable. Once again, thank you Dan and the entire team of “Team Ryan Automotive”. Sincerely, Shuja

Response from the owner -  Thank you Shuja! It is good to hear that squeaky suspension is finally staying quiet for you!

Tonya Beach - December 2015

Great work, great group of people! I took my diesel Sprinter in for service and it’s not your average vehicle. The guys at Team Ryan Automotive diagnosed the problem, fixed it and kept me informed throughout the process. They made me feel completely confident that what they did was what was needed and no more. One more thing to add, I’ve never seen an automotive shop so clean and organized. That too made me feel like they take extra care in the work they do.

Response from the owner - Thank you for the great review Tonya! We appreciate that!

Michelle Meade - December 2015

Sometimes it can be intimidating for a gal to go into a mechanic shop. Team Ryan is so clean and comfortable, you almost feel like you're walking into their home! The staff were all extremely courteous and very informative. They took time to explain to me all my options and did not try to sell me something I didn't need. Their services are very fairly priced and their work was done quickly and professionally. From now on, my family will take all our vehicles to Team Ryan.

Response from the owner - Thank you for the great review!

Lisa Knapp Little - November 25, 2015 

Awesome, would recommend to anyone needing auto repair. Went above and beyond to help a couple that is expecting literally any minute. This is the place to go!

Scott Self - September 2015

When my water pump blew out and left me stranded, Team Ryan put me in touch with a tow, got my truck diagnosed and back to me in three days....honest, professional and quick!

Response from the owner - Thanks Scott! Glad we could be of service.

Rachel Miller - August 2015

I have had great experiences every time with Team Ryan Auto. Dan and his team have helped me now through multiple repairs and been wonderful and professional each time. They are careful to diagnose the problem correctly, explain clearly what is going on and how they would go about repairing. They also don't pressure you and will let you know exactly how serious the problem is. I wasn't able to meet Dan the first time my car was taken to them since I had to work, but he was great, communicated both with my boyfriend and me; and I felt like I knew him even before meeting face to face. I trust them and their advice and recommend them highly.

Response from the owner - Thank you Rachel! We hope the car buying has gone well!


Cody Thompson - August 2015

This is by far the most honest and kind service station I have ever dealt with. I had a Toyota Sequoia that I was selling and needed to have the Secondary Air Pump replaced and I didn't want to do it myself. I brought the part in and told Dan what I wanted done and he was very kind and understanding. During the install he found a botched wiring job that the previous dealer had "repaired" and informed me of it before proceeding with the repair. He went ahead and finished the repair and replaced missing/cut parts and was even cheaper than the quote he had given me 2 days prior. Sold the vehicle the next day to a happy owner. I brought my truck in after for an alignment and check weird steering issue I had. Was informed he couldn't do the alignment because I had a wheel bearing/hub failure and tie rod issues. Money was tight so I asked to see what all was wrong while it was on the lift. Joel was very informative and showed me EXACTLY what the issue was and even gave me information about an oil leak that I was worried about. Didn't get any work done due to unforeseen personal problems. Team Ryan's prices are extremely fair and competitive. For a small shop, these guys mean big business. They have my vote of confidence and I would say If you have any issues give them a call they KNOW THEIR STUFF!!

Response from the owner -  Glad we could help, thanks Cody!

Stephen Bass - August 2015

Team Ryan has the most honest and knowledgeable mechanics around working there. Owner Dan Ryan wont low ball you to get you in the door and then "surprise" you once you car is in the shop. He is very upfront with what it will take to fix and what you can expect. He's not one just to throw parts at a repair. He is always looking out for my wallet when he works on my car. I can't say enough about how great this place is to deal with!

Response from the owner - Thank you Stephen!

Will Dunn - June 2015

Went there after my truck suffered mechanical and cosmetic damage from a semi truck accident. They handled everything, from the insurance, adjuster, sub letting and kept me informed almost every other day on the progress. Being in an accident is already stressful enough, Team Ryan Auto helped reduce that stress by their professionalism, courtesy (arraigned rental car to pick me up from shop) , keeping me informed and dealing with the hassle of the at fault party's insurance. I will use Team Ryan for now on, even a 30min drive to them from my house is well worth the peace of mind they gave me. Dan, the owner, is very knowledgeable and can explain "tech talk" in layman's terms so I could understand. No unnecessary repairs or "add on's" as I have had at other mechanics. Thank you Will D Winder, GA

Response from the owner -  Happy to be of service! Thank you!


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