team green - we are environmental stewards

You may not typically think about "environmentally conscious" and "auto repair shop" in the same sentence, but we are changing how people think about this at Team Ryan Automotive! 

We are no stranger to recycling; whether it's cardboard from parts box deliveries, coffee cups from the waiting area and even our waste oil; we practice the three R's - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. 

How We Handle Automotive Service Waste Products:

  • A/C Refrigerant (R134a) – Properly recovered and recycled
  • Antifreeze – Recycled
  • Batteries – Exchanged and recycled
  • Oil/Fluid Filters – Collected and recycled
  • Engine Oil – Burned in our own waste oil heater
  • Transmission Fluid – Burned in our own waste oil heater
  • Tires – Recycled into other rubber products, even road bedding!
  • Soiled Shop Rags and Uniforms – Collected and professionally cleaned on a weekly basis

At Team Ryan Automotive, we go above and beyond to do everything we can to recycle and dispose of our waste responsibly. 

Why build new when an existing structure would work?  We purchased an existing house & warehouse that needed some TLC to bring it to life as the high tech automotive repair facility it is today.

Green Technologies Used At Team Ryan Automotive

Low Energy - high performing T5 fluorescent lighting

As part of the build out we installed energy efficient T5 lighting in our workshop.  Not only can our technicians see better, we all feel good knowing we are doing our part to lower our energy use.  You might not think that a simple thing like changing a light bulb can save much energy, but when you have nearly twenty high output fixtures with each fixture holding six bulbs, changing some 120 bulbs can make a big difference.

Waste Oil Heater

This is our only source of heat for the shop at Team Ryan Automotive.  We have burned 100% of the waste oil generated through servicing your vehicles which helps reduce our winter utilities costs and helps the environment.  We are then able to pass the savings on to our customers. 

Energy Star qualified White Roofing Shingles on the Building

This will help drastically reduce temperatures in the shop during the summer months.  Through this along with proper roof ventilation we will rely much less on electric fans and portable evaporative coolers to keep the workspace comfortable.

Industrial Acrylic Floor System

Our floors are covered with a system that completely seals the concrete.  This means any spills that manage to hit the floor sit on top rather than soak into the concrete.  With this there is no chance for any chemicals to make their way into the soil or ground water over time.  Cleanup is fast and efficient increasing overall safety.  This system also further reduces our energy consumption through increased light reflectivity by upwards of 200 percent!

Office Printer Ink Cartridges

We participate in Cartridge World's reusable ink cartridge program where we donate our used cartridges while purchasing refilled cartridges. This saves the environment from having to handle additional trash in the landfill because we never throw away a cartridge. 

Proper Cleanup

We solidify any liquid waste so that it is acceptable to throw away and cannot get into our drinking water. You will not see any dirty mop water being dumped out at Team Ryan Automotive. 

Environmental Organizations that Team Ryan Automotive Supports through Membership and Generous Donations: