Dedicated to Training

In order to keep pace with the ever changing demands of vehicle technology, we are dedicated to training.  We recognize that one of the most important things a business can do is to support proper training for its employees.  We prioritize and financially incentivize staying up to date with ASE and I-Car certifications.  Already this year we have taken several Automotive Training Group (ATG) courses. ATG offers some of the most advanced training outside of OEM service training and they only come to Atlanta twice per year. Recent courses that we’ve taken to keep pace with our industry and stay highly competitive are:

  • Mechanical and Variable Timing and Valvetrain Diagnostics
  • Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics
  • Transmission In-Car Diagnostics
  • Advanced Lab Scope Voltage and Current Testing
  • Advanced Circuit and Electrical Testing (coming up in November)

 Moving forward, we will continue to build a team of smart, highly motivated individuals who take pride in a high level of automotive education. We will continue to pursue and partake in advanced training in order to provide the best quality automotive service and repair for the community.