We are so excited to be named a Rising Star Finalist!

It is a wonderful thing to be recognized for a job well done, and being a finalist for this award is just that.  Through hard work with a focus on providing an honest service, we feel very privileged to serve and be part of this community!  

We know that we are building a business that we will retire from.  We know that this business will be here for at least a quarter of a century.  With that vision, our goal is to provide life long service to our customers for all the vehicles that they will own for years to come.  With this in mind, our priority is to earn the trust of our community one customer at a time by providing stellar customer service.  This often means that we may not make an immediate sale or as large of a sale in the short term, but we are not here for just this quarter’s profits.  We have dedicated ourselves to implement this long term plan, and because of that we are able to truly attend to our customers’ needs.